OpenRat CMS

What brings OpenRat to you:

    • OS- and browser-independent. OpenRat is usable with any browser - without JavaScript.
    • Administration and Management of your values from any place. The Author only needs a web browser.
    • Integrated User-, group- and rights management.
    • All objects of a projects are stored in a tree-based explorer-like view.
    • LDAP-Support, user passwords are checked against a LDAP-Server.
    • Strict frontier between live and CMS-server. OpenRat generates only static pages and makes optimal perfomance possible on your live server.
    • Pages are generated into the server filesystem or via FTP-Transfer to your webserver.
    • Text-markup is done via Wiki-Syntax or the FCKEditor.
    • Data is stored into a SQL-database, support available for PostgreSQL and MySQL.
    • Page preview as WYSISWYG.
    • Managemant of all media files. The author is able to upload, replace, copy, move and rename objects.
    • Versioning system, the author is able to re-use values out of a history.
    • Support for multi-language Webpages.
    • Executing of PHP-Code while generating the pages - a solution for complex menu structures.
    • Generating multiple project models.
    • The most important thing: OpenRat is free software.


Native Language:English
Open Source License:Creative Commons license