Phenotype CMS

Phenotype CMS is a PHP/MySQL/Smarty based Open Source Content Management Framework dedicated to serve two basic principles: easy editing & simple efficiency.

Key features:

  • Expandable through inheritage of system components,
  • Media asset management,
  • Fragment caching
  • Placing content with help of page components (like playing with building bricks)
  • Pageversion with possibility to programm automatic activation
  • Multilingual pages (with one lead language)
  • Access of pages controllable due to groups, rights & roles
  • Finding your pages by fulltext searching the content
  • Access of content controllable with rights & roles and individual implementation of access filters
  • Finding your content by fulltext searching
  • Snapshots & Rollback
  • Online Image Editing
  • Drag & Drop Upload
  • Snapshosts & Rollback
  • Access on assets controllable due to groups, rights & roles
  • Integrated task management
  • Dynamic priorization following the ABCD Eisenhower principle
  • Connecting tickets to pages, content records, media assets
  • Users & Roles
  • Rebuilding Indexes
  • Batch deletions
  • Pagewizard for mass page creation
  • Automatic measuring of page build times, query execution times to help you optimizing your application performance
  • Uniform data model for all phenotype applications
  • Lot’s of information about the application itself is stored into the database when configuring it within config mode
  • SQL Builder class for secure inserts
  • Multilinguistic pages with one lead language
  • Multilingualism configurable per page group
  • Localized backend (currently German/English)

Native Language:English
Open Source License:Creative Commons license