By design SpitfireCMS is light weight, easy to manage and extreme flexibility. With Spitfire updating content on your website is just a few clicks away.

SpitfireCMS benifits
- Non-techie users looking to start a new website.
- Hardcore programmers looking to extend a solid foundation.

SpitfireCMS has been designed from the ground up with user-friendliness in mind. Within minutes you can have a fully customizable website that you can change how and when you desire.

Whether you are looking to start a small personal website, or a larger website project, give SpitfireCMS a try.

With Spitfire, it's easy to edit your website. Just click on the areas you want to edit and change them. The changes will take effect immediately. You can change text, images, fonts, and even HTML code if you want.

Not only will your customers be able to find your business on Google, Yahoo! and Live, but Spitfire automatically sends updates to all the major search engines every time you update content or add a product to your store. The latest version of your website will always appear in the search results.


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