TangoCMS is a free and open source (GNU/GPL 2.1) PHP Content Management System (CMS). Its ease of use and powerful feature set allows you to quickly and easily create and manage an entire website.

With TangoCMS, you don't need to worry about complicated code to create a complex or simple website, we take care of that for you. All you need to do is the most important part, create and manage your content with ease.

We aim to develop a content management system that;

  • Is powerful and flexible yet easy for anyone, even with basic web knowledge, to use.
  • Has been built with security in mind from the start.
  • Complies to W3C HTML strict standards.

TangoCMS offers many features to achieve this and help you manage your website, publish content and speed up your work flow for creating complex websites in the shortest time possible. A powerful media module allows you to display pictures, videos and audio files (thanks to the great FlowPlayer project) for your users to view.

TangoCMS started back in early 2006 when the founder and lead developer, Alex Cartwright, began to create a browser based game with a friend. Work had started on the back end first, however after the first few months of development, things started to slow down and then eventually stopped all together.

With an ever growing community, you will always get the best support with any problems or questions you come across.


Native Language:English
Open Source License:Creative Commons license