Theeta CMS

Requirements For Using Theeta CMS

1. Internet Browser (Recommended Browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome).
2. PHP And MYSQL Enabled Linux Apache Server.

Supported Languages And Database

1. Supported Programming Language: PHP.
2. Supported Database: MYSQL.
3. Supported Design Language: XHTML/HTML and CSS.

User Interaction

1. Basic Integrated forum software.
2. Comments can be made on the blog and hence blog articles can be discussed by other members of the website.
3. Integrated user registration for the website, the forum software, and the blog.
4. User profiles integrated with user blogs, enabling users to have their own personal web pages.
5. Do you have any private things to talk about with other members but do not want every one else to know about it. You can send private messages to each other using the private messaging software.
6. User control panel to update your private details.
7. User ranks based according to the number of posts and also those which grant special moderating powers to the users.
8. Avatar uploading.

Website Management

1. Easy to use.
2. Easy to install out of the box.
3. No prior knowledge of programming or web designing required.
4. Manageable content.
5. Admin control panel which controls the whole website.
6. Multiple themes developed by MN Tech Solutions especially for Theeta CMS.
7. The whole website content is completely saved in the database.
8. Custom FAQs and FAQ manager. Write your own FAQs now.
9. Custom menu with links saved in the database. This menu is displayed on the home page of the website and manageable from the admin panel.
10. Admin panel has been designed in such a way so that users can use it easily. Large graphics with text description have been placed as links to the different sections of the admin panel.
11. User management.
12. Admin management.
13. Community management.
14. Editable home page articles.
15. Banner uploading and management through the admin panel.

Blog Software

1. Separate admin/site blog.
2. Individual blogs for the members of the site.
3. The admin blog is manageable from the admin panel, while the member blogs can be moderated from the blogs themselves.

System Security Against Attacks

Theeta CMS has been designed and built in such a way that most attacks aimed at the system are repelled by the system which enhances the security of the website.

Private Messaging Software

1. Users can send private messages to other users from their user control panel.
2. Admin can send private messages to other users from the admin panel.
3. Private messages managed through the admin panel which can help in fighting against spam.

Dedicated Search Engine Facility

1. A dedicated search engine has been prepared for Theeta CMS which enables users to search for content from the community, site blog, and user blogs.


Native Language:English
Open Source License:Creative Commons license