ToendaCMS is an Open Source XML web content management system released under the GNU General Public License. You can use it for free. ToendaCMS is optimized for fast and easy setup and works on any standard webserver platform that supports PHP and was tested successfully on Windows 2000/XP, MacOSX and LINUX. ToendaCMS is perfect for professional, public and private users. It is very easy to learn and gives you the flexibility to separate layout and content.


- Dynamic elements (Sidebar, content pages and Menus)
- Contact form with adress book
- template based Application, separation from layout and contents
- WYSIWYG Editor
- Poll Module
- Template Chooser
- Image gallery with albums and seperate image viewer
- Guestbook, a MUST-BE for privat pages
- Law-conformal Impressum
- News manager and archive with categories to seperate news in different themes
- Rights Management with individual rights and groups for each user
- Download Manager, administer your downloads
- Products Manager, administer your products (a integrated shop module is in planning)
- Language Packs (see "Supported Languages" for a list of available languages
- Administer Links
- Edit your layout online
- Create a weblog with different categories and comment function
- Statistics to have more control about your guests and the software in use
- Knowledgebase for FAQ's and articles

Native Language:English
Open Source License:Creative Commons license