TRIBiQ CMS is the feature rich multilingual Content Management System from TRIBiQ. Our Open Source PHP/MySQL based CMS, enables fast, structured site development. It has built in multilingual and secure Extranet features.

Designers enjoy a fully documented template architecture. For developers, TRIBiQ CMS makes the perfect development platform, with many ways to tailor and extend its capabilities.

Choose from GPL or Commercial License, with a range of support options.

 You can create menu hierarchies of unlimited depth. It's easy to see what page each menu node connects to. A simple drag and drop action allows you to change the order of menu nodes, and you can use a "move" command to restructure the hierarchy.

A typical menu node links to an HTML page, but this is optional, and it can be unlinked or link to an external URL. Menu nodes can also link to documents, news or any other type of content.

Native Language:English
Open Source License:Creative Commons license