A savvy web designer should easily get the hang of themes in WysGui, for it's editable through the Admin Panel. WysGui is also very easy to use. A savvy Windows, Mac, or Ubuntu user should easily take an understanding to WysGui. One reason is because it tries to simulate a GUI operating system type feel. The Admin Control Panel is displayed using the Icon-Map feature built-in to WysGui. The Icon-Map works by taking in page names, and spitting out a bunch of Windows-style icons. An Admin simply edits a page, uploads an image of any type, and adds the page into the Icon Map.

WysGui Evolution comes with many new features and abilities that make it unique from other Content Management Systems (CMS), and other versions of WysGui. We've looked at all the functions of the original WysGui and made improvements. Then we added a few new features to make it even easier to organize & manage  your Website online!

In WysGui there are two measures of security, and two means of implementing them. That means there are four fields to fill out. There are ranks, and users. For each rank or user, you can specify their rights to view the page, and to change data on the page.


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